• Ex-proof in situ zirconia O2Coe dual analyser for combustion control
  • Compact & light design
  • Excellent accuracy and dependability
  • Remote electronics and calibration
  • Full 316L stainless steel probe design to ensure resistance to harsh environments
  • ZR PROBE type ZPF2 or ZPL2, ATEX & IECEx certified Zone 1, Ex II 2 G, Ex db IIB+H2 T4 Gb
  • Remote O2 transmitter type ZTL2, ATEX certified Zone 1, Ex II 2 G, Ex d e IIC T5 Gb

RB-Technologies O2/COe analyser is the ideal equipment for fine tuning air/combustible proportions in a way to improve process efficiency without compromising safety. Combustion efficiency is determined by low-level oxygen excess in the flue gas and is limited by the production of hazardous unburnt compounds (mainly composed of H2 and CO) at low oxygen concentrations. It is thus crucial to control the O2 excess concentration as well as the reductive potential due to unburnt compounds in the flue gas to optimize combustion

L’Analyseur :

  1. ZR PROBE type ZPF2 or ZPL2
  2. Remote O2 transmitter type ZTL2
  3. Deflecting sampling tube
  4. Junction box and connection cable if probe-transmitter distance >3m
  5. Calibration Kit
  6. Labelling
  7. Calibration line