Many actors rely on our processes and combustion analysis expertise:

Engineering procurement & construction:

  • We develop and design your combustion control systems according to your special requirements,
  • Thanks to our probe design, electronics and calibration can be remote, therefore we can offer our customer more flexibility and an installation that will adapt to any situation,
  • Our equipment is delivered with full documentation (drawings, wiring diagram, user manual…) and certificates complying with the best standards.

Security / Methods for combustion analysis:

  • ISO9001 certified, our quality management system is based on constant improvement of our methods.
  • The security of your installation is guaranteed by our ATEX and IECEx certification.
  • RB-Technologies’ Zirconium technology guarantees reliable and unfailing analysis, equipment stability, important lifespan and sturdiness, continuous measurements.

Analysis / Combustion management:

  • Known and recognized zirconium technology.
  • In situ and continuous measurement with relevant sampling method and short response time
  • Stability, reliability, repeatability
  • Communication (Hart, 4-20mA, contact input/output…) / Regulation / Automation


  • Plug & play design: straightforward maintenance & operations
  • Spare parts, traceability by Mfg number
  • Support

RB-Technologies customizes equipment to fit your processes and requests for combustion management

Our analysers are designed for demanding environment and applications in explosive atmosphere such as:

  • Refining furnace
  • Petrochemical furnace
  • Large scale boilers
  • High temperature applications
  • High dust and corrosive applications